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Three similar but unique styles – three distinctive personalities - three friends - and one shared vision; to blend the simple inspirations of nature with a modern edge and creativity.

It was a natural fit when Jayne Langton, Karen Pearson and Vicky Vernile brought their collective talents together to form Circle Home and Design. Drawing on creative backgrounds in graphic design, fine arts, interior design, merchandising, photography and textile art, they set out to build a business doing something they were passionate about. It wasn't long before their designs caught the attention of a few national decor magazines which helped launch them on a fulfilling decade long journey of creating beautiful wreaths and a loyal customer following.

Keeping a keen eye on the latest fashion and home decor trends yet at the same time remaining true to tradition, Circle keeps their designs fresh and varied to fit any decorating style. Blooming with ideas, they surround themselves with the most stunning, natural product and fulfill their vision...with each new design becoming their favourite!

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